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Clean Water Accomplishments

California Coastkeeper Alliance was founded in 1999 with the belief that a healthy ocean and coast and clean water is vital to California’s economy, public health and way of life. We’ve accomplished a lot since then. Check out our infographic below to learn more or get all of the details. About the Illustrator Artist April Seymore is an improvisor, science communicator, teacher and sustainability catalyst. She… Read More…

Three New Laws to Make California More Resilient

The final weeks of September always bring a flurry of legislative activity in Sacramento, and this year we are proud to report that three key water policies were signed into law before the September 30 deadline. As always, California Coastkeeper Alliance was heavily involved in shaping legislative priorities, championing critical bills to safeguard our water and make California more resilient to a changing climate. Here… Read More…

Orange County Coastkeeper Celebrates 5 Years of Eelgrass Restoration

Restoring the vast meadows of the sea in shallow bays and inlets across the coast may be our best hope to halt ocean acidification and save our shellfish. Rising temperatures and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are making our ocean more acidic. As pH drops, shells of marine life like oysters, clams and crabs start to dissolve away, as do the robust fisheries that depend on them…. Read More…

Blue Business Council Member Hog Island Oyster Co Leading the Way on Ocean Acidification Research

The Blue Business Council is a network of companies working to protect the coast, ocean, bays, rivers, and streams that power our economy. We are proud to have several oyster growers and sustainable seafood companies as members, including Hog Island Oyster Company, Humboldt Bay Oyster Tours, Coast Seafoods, Salty Girl Seafood, Sea Forager, Siren Fish Company, and Real Good Fish. These small California businesses depend on… Read More…

Aqua Rodeo Farms Daily Catch

Blue Business Council member Aqua Rodeo Farms “rounds ’em up and you shoot ’em down.” This small business’s livelihood depends on a healthy ocean. Watch them work below.

Acidification and Hypoxia Panel Findings

The full suite of 2016 major findings, recommendations and actions issued by the West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Panel can be found here: