Work for Your Water This Weekend

September 16th, 2016

Water works for you every day. This weekend, it’s your turn to return the favor.  On Saturday, thousands of Californians will show their local beaches some love on Coastal Cleanup Day. And on Sunday, they’ll test their water’s health for World Water Monitoring Challenge.

World Water Monitoring Challenge is an international education and outreach program that builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources. Last year, over 340,000 people participated in 77 countries across the world. Teams help protect our most precious resource by testing for dissolved oxygen, pH, turbity and temperature.

Citizen scientists – like you – collect valuable information year-round about the health of their creeks, rivers, estuaries and coastlines. This data helps California Coastkeeper Alliance fight for environmental laws that protect the special places, economy and people you care about.

California Waterkeepers offer many fun ways to keep your local waters clean and swimmable including water quality monitoring, coastal, bay and river cleanups, surveying underwater parks, capturing ultra-high tide “king tides” events, volunteer dive restoration, and research, photo and video documentation. Many Waterkeepers offer education and volunteer experiences for schools and businesses, as well as individuals.

Connect with your local Waterkeeper to get involved:


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