Don’t Forget the Drought

November 30th, 2016

Winter rains may have started to fall, but California’s drought and water scarcity problems aren’t over. Our most powerful solution is also the simplest: water conservation. Keep up the good habits you picked up over the summer and save every drop.

California Coastkeeper Alliance is working to develop permanent conservation regulations to make conservation a way of life in California even after our current drought subsides. Proposed regulations will prohibit wasteful water practices such as using drinking water to wash down sidewalks and driveways, or watering outdoor landscapes right after it rains. Learn more.

Your local California Waterkeeper can help you do your part to save water.

Everything from fixing leaks, using less electricity, landscaping with native plants, creating rain gardens, to keeping trash and pollutants out of the gutter – there are many ways you can help to conserve water. Russian Riverkeeper shows what you can do to make a difference and how kids can #saveit.


Orange County Coastkeeper’s Smartscape program can help you transform your thirsty yard into a #droughtnotdrab landscape. Learn how to design and maintain a beautiful and sustainable yard, select water wise plants and save money. Hands-on workshops for the whole family take place in the 2.5 acre Coastkeeper Garden, which showcases six California native plant habitats.

San Diego Coastkeeper has long been working to promote water conservation by supporting mandatory restrictions, advocating for water conservation in the media, and hosting workshops and events designed to connect San Diego residents with the tools and resources needed to make more effective, efficient use of limited resources. Learn how less water can make your garden more beautiful.

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