California Coastkeeper Alliance unites 12 local Waterkeeper programs to fight for swimmable, fishable and drinkable waters for California communities and ecosystems.

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Smart Investments Can Help Us Win Upstream Battle

California faces a daunting and fundamental challenge with respect to many of its rivers and streams. Most don’t have nearly enough water flowing through them. Some are completely dried up and others are too shallow and warm to support fish and wildlife or popular activities like rafting and paddling. As we look ahead to a hotter and dryer future, it is essential that we use every… Read More…

Channelkeeper Launches New Dive Portal

Santa Barbara Channelkeeper has unveiled a new way for people to explore the underwater treasures off the Santa Barbara coastline. In an effort to raise awareness about underwater parks in the Santa Barbara Channel, the group has released an interactive SCUBA dive map of the Naples State Marine Conservation Area, located just a few miles east of the community of Goleta.   Channelkeeper  surveyed the underwater park… Read More…