Trash Clean Ups

Trash and plastic pollution is a global problem, and it’s growing. Debris clogs California’s rivers and streams and litters the beaches that power the state’s $39 billion coastal economy. Eighty percent of marine pollution starts on land. It gets blown by wind or carried by rain into storm drains, which flow to our bays, rivers, and ocean. Once in the water, it breaks down into smaller pieces that can persist in the environment for decades, polluting the water and harming fish and animals that mistake it for food.

Pervasive trash pollution harms wildlife and ruins our beach days. Luckily, you can help clean up your favorite places for the benefit of your family, your community, and the environment by participating in a local clean up! Waterkeepers up and down the state host trash clean ups regularly for the public or private events. Find a Waterkeeper near you and see how you can get involved in a clean up at the links below:

Humboldt Baykeeper

Inland Empire Waterkeeper

Los Angeles Waterkeeper

Orange County Coastkeeper

Russian Riverkeeper

San Diego Coastkeeper

Santa Barbara Channelkeeper

Yuba River Waterkeeper