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California Coastkeeper Alliance and local Waterkeeper groups develop, implement, and defend policies that meet the needs of California’s distinct communities and ecosystems. We have helped to secure some of the state’s landmark environmental victories, including creation of the nation’s first statewide underwater park system, a statewide policy to prevent the mortality of billions of fish and marine mammals from the intake of coastal powerplants, the nation’s first Industrial Stormwater Permit with enforceable numeric limits, and a nationally-precedent setting Trash Policy that sets an enforceable standard of “no trash present” in California waterways by 2030.

Today, we are working to make our ocean more climate resilient by securing a water quality standard to prevent ocean acidification and hypoxia hot spots, improving the water quality within marine protected areas to act as ‘hope spots’ in the face of climate change, and to increase our coastal wetlands through the beneficial reuse of dredged sediment for wetland restoration. We are also working to ensure the Trash and Desalination Policies are implemented property. Finally, we are working to protect underserved California communities’ sources of drinking water from uncontrolled agricultural pollution.


Press Releases

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