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November 30th, 2015

SoCal Divers Meetup Group & Orange County Coastkeeper Introduce Dive the Coast, Orange County
Contact: Amanda Bird 714-850-1965 amanda@coastkeeper.org
Orange County Coastkeeper

Dive the Coast is scheduled to take place in June 2013 and will be the largest mass dive in history, potentially involving thousands of scuba divers to travel as much of the California coastline underwater as possible, raising money for conservation organizations along the way. The goal of Dive the Coast is to bring divers from across the state together for a common goal and to raise money for ocean conservation and education organizations. It will provide an opportunity for divers to explore areas of the state where they would otherwise not go, and gives exposure to the sport as a whole, while promoting awareness of important marine environmental issues.

The SoCal Divers Meetup Group and Orange County Coastkeeper have established Dive the Coast, Orange County (OC). This chapter will raise funds for Orange County Coastkeeper and organize local scuba diver and non-diver volunteers to participate in diving 40 miles of Orange County coastline as part of the 1000-mile Dive the Coast scuba dive in June 2013. Dive the Coast, OC will begin conducting formal test dives in May, the purpose of which are to gauge the average distance a diver may travel at a certain depth and air consumption rate. These dives will be performed along the entire Orange County coastline in order to prepare for the 2013 Dive the Coast, OC event.

The mission of Orange County Coastkeeper, the chosen recipients of the Dive the Coast, OC’s fundraising efforts, is to protect and preserve the region’s marine habitats and watersheds through education, advocacy, restoration, research and enforcement. “You don’t have to be a diver to get involved; Dive the Coast needs non-diver support as well. Helping out with Dive the Coast is one of many ways to connect to what we do and support Orange County Coastkeeper’s mission”, says Amanda Bird, Biologist and Marine Restoration Coordinator at Coastkeeper. Orange County native Garry Brown founded Coastkeeper in March 1999. OC Coastkeeper was the 27th Keeper program to be licensed in the U.S. As executive director, Mr. Brown has built Coastkeeper into an effective, proactive organization that makes a difference for protecting the integrity of our communities and promoting awareness of water quality and other environmental issues.

Volunteer divers and non-divers are needed to help with promotion, planning, fundraising events, and future test dives leading up to the final event. Dive the Coast, OC hopes to recruit all ocean lovers, including kayakers, paddle boarders, surfers, free divers, swimmers, and anyone who utilizes and wishes to preserve the vast resources and beauty of our coastline. Fred N. Bommer II, the Dive the Coast, OC Chapter’s coordinator states, “We are looking forward to bringing divers together to relay dive from the South Orange County line to the North Orange County line in the final event, and to have fundraising activities to benefit our chosen conservation group, Orange County Coastkeeper.” While this event carries a dive-related tone, it welcomes all who wish to participate.

Donations can be made at www.coastkeeper.org in the name of Dive the Coast, OC to assist in funding this epic adventure and event. Funds will be used for Coastkeeper’s conservation efforts, and a small portion will be used to help cover Dive the Coast, OC’s operational costs. Dive the Coast, OC is also in need of sponsors and tax deductible donations of goods and services for future fundraising events: door prizes, raffles, silent auctions, etc.

Dive The Coast Meet and Greet Dive, Saturday March 31st!

“Meet, Greet, and Dive”
with the Dive the Coast Orange County Chapter
committee and member divers.
Location: Heisler Park, Laguna Beach, California

Guest diver check-in is set for 7:30 a.m. with pre-dive briefing at 8:00 am; unsafe inclement weather will cancel the dive. Non-divers are also welcome at this time if to hang out and watch and learn about diving in general. The meet and greet will be from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Clear the calender and bring friends, family members, and significant others. Any and all are invited; divers and non-divers alike, potential and current volunteers, potential sponsors and donors, support, and anyone else interested in learning more about and how to get involved with Dive the Coast, OC, its fundraising benefactor Orange County Coastkeeper, and Dive the Coast in general.

For more information:
Contact the chapter organizer, Fred Bommer, at fredb@divethecoast.com, or the Coastkeeper organizer, Amanda Bird at amanda@coastkeeper.org.
Quick Links:
Coastkeeper’s DTC OC web page: http://www.coastkeeper.org/dive-the-coast-orange-county/
OC Dive the Coast’s Facebook: www.facebook.com/divethecoastocchapter.

For information on how to become involved with other county chapters that you may be a resident of, visit www.divethecoast.com. Supporters of Dive the Coast throughout the state are: Silver Prince, California Diver Magazine, Aquarium of the Bay, Seven Seas Scuba, 80 Proof Divers, Channel Islands Dive Adventures, Orange County and San Luis Obispo Coastkeeper, Save Our Shores, O’Neill Sea Odyssey, MAKODIVER, Ocean Adventures Dive Company, California Ships to Reefs, Waterhorse Charters, Fin Forward, Hardcore Dive Team, ScubaFit, Oceanic, Leisure Pro, Darkfin, Subseries, Beachopper II, E-Diving.com, Sharkys Eco Dive, Team Sharkys, Addicted Dive Gear, and PlayHard Sports.

Lola Dvorak

Lola Dvorak

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Lola Dvorak

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