Ban the Bag: Vote Yes on Prop 67

September 30th, 2016

Plastic bags trash our environment and our oceans. Put an end to this harmful pollution by voting yes on Prop 67 at the polls this November.

Over 150 local communities – including large cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles – have banned plastic bags to protect our precious habitat and $39 billion coastal economy. In 2014, the Legislature responded to the overwhelming public support and proven success of these local efforts by expanding the ban across California.

Unfortunately, out of state plastic manufacturers stalled the implementation by spending 6 Million dollars to overturn this common sense ban. Let’s show big plastic that they can’t trash our waterways. Vote yes on Prop 67 to clean up our coastlines.

Find out more about how plastics harm our waterways and how CCKA, Blue Business Council and your local Waterkeeper have been leading efforts to ban the bag.

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