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San Diego digs deep for new water source

Mike Lee
UT San Diego

San Diego water officials on Tuesday announced a new exploratory well-drilling initiative as part of their quest to develop additional water sources.

The 32nd Street Test Well Project is on undeveloped land in Golden Hill on 32nd Street between C Street and Highway 94. The well is being drilled into a deep aquifer system known as the San Diego Formation that underlies the southern metropolitan coastal area.

The groundwater basin runs roughly from downtown San Diego to the U.S.-Mexico border and from the Pacific Ocean to the eastern foothills. When finished in about six weeks, the five-inch diameter test well will be one of the deepest in the region at up to 1,500 feet.

The project is budgeted at roughly $525,000. San Diego water officials said it’s too soon to say how much water a full-scale version might produce.

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