Waterkeeper Alliance Launches California Swim Guide Application For Smart Phones

For millions of California beach goers, swimmers, and surfers, finding and enjoying that perfect stretch of sand and water has just become a whole lot easier with the launch of the Swim Guide, a new, free, smart phone app (available from App Store, Google Play, or www.theswimguide.org). Provided, and managed, by member groups within the Waterkeeper Alliance, the Swim Guide helps the user locate the closest, cleanest beach, get directions, view photos, and determine if the water is safe for swimming. The Swim Guide also allows the user to share the whole adventure with your friends and family on your social networks.

The Swim Guide utilizes water quality monitoring data from government authorities to determine the water quality at nearly 300 beaches in California and is updated as frequently as the water quality information is gathered. The Swim Guide also allows the user to report pollution to their local Waterkeeper, which will help draw more attention to beaches with water quality problems so that actions can be taken to reduce the pollution.